Ascension University


You’ve landed on this website because you are interested in finding out more about the phenomenon known as Earth Ascension. Throughout history, Earth Ascension has been prophesied by over thirty different cultures from around the world. Ascension has also been called the Golden Age, Heaven on Earth, the Rapture, the Great Letting Go, the Aquarian Age, the New Age, the Brahman Age, and many other terms.

Some portray Ascension as a fearful Judgement Day where the wicked shall be thrown into the pits of hell for their wicked deeds.

Let me make something very clear, Prime Creator (the being that birthed our universe, spirit, and soul; also known as God, Vishnu, Allah, the All, Source, Source Entity, and a thousand other names) never created a hell. Hell was created by humanity in an age where striking fear onto others was the primary means of controlling others.

Search your heart. Breath in deep. Hold it for three seconds. Breath out. Now ask yourself, “Is there a hell? You will feel the answer from your heart and the answer that you feel is. “No!.”

If you feel that answer is “Yes” then you are trapped in fear. We can direct you to sources of help to rid yourself of that programmed fear. For now, trust Prime Creator when I tell you that there is no hell save for the self torture you put yourself through every day by worrying about the past or worrying about the future and by judging yourself and others ……………. more